[bro/ken] v.





As in: Being away from

My mom, my brother,

My family

Makes me feel like we aren’t


Like we are broken apart.


As in: Stuck in my cell

Seeing shapes, seeing words

In the carvings, the broken pictures

That were once thoughts,

I see the kids’ minds engraved

Into this cell.


As in: How my heart feels

When I hear my mother’s voice,

When I see my mom’s face,

It doesn’t just toy with my emotions

It doesn’t just hurt my own heart,

So sad to say but,

I’m afraid

It’s broken hers already.

It’s hearts in pieces and I regret it.





This is my SEVENTH


I had court this morning,

My mom wasn’t there.

She was the deciding factor,

Of a closer freedom or a lower bail.

It’s the first time my mom has let me down,

In years,

In forever.

I know I’ve let her down,

And she’s been there.

So I’m staying strong

And adapting to what shouldn’t be

My everyday routine.


Rule Above ALL

Never let your thoughts

Drown you in depression

Always keep in mind that

You’re not here forever.






Dear Momma

I miss you,

it hurts more this time

not like before

let me come home

I said I’m sorry

I even made up this rhyme

maybe I don’t seem so torn

but without you I’m nothing

all of this means something

I’ve learned my lesson

I’ve been here so long

please bail me out

I know what I did was wrong

$500 is so much

but I still love you

and I will keep in touch.


P.S. I trust you.