Nobody Want to Live that Juvie Life

I mean it isn’t too horrible but who wants to spend their days trapped in a cell staring at a white wall? Everybody definitely has better things to do with their time. They don’t want to be stuck constantly being told what to do like they’re somebody’s pet. We got better things to do in life but yet we keep winding back up here. Everybody always asks themselves why’d I do this or why’d I do that. Some people even believe everything happens for a reason, but you know, sometimes that reason is just because we’re all idiots who didn’t learn the first time so we just keep winding back up here and making life harder on us. But then there are some people who just can’t help it. It’s just a thing that comes naturally to them. We all need to make the best we can out of our lives and coming up here definitely isn’t doing so. We never know when life will end. Will it be today? Or tomorrow? It could even be 60 years from now, but we don’t know that. So start thinking before you do stuff. Actually move on in life and learn from your mistakes. Some of us kids don’t learn until it’s already too late. So start thinking now on what to do next in life, where to take that next step. Stop thinking that you’re oh, so badass because you do this or that; because how badass do you look when you’re sitting in a cell? The fact is, you don’t. So get a job, move on with your life, and stop screwing it up. You may think it’s no big deal but next thing you know you’re getting sent off to JRA for a couple years. Nobody wants that. So step up and be the bigger person for once. Be the one who changes, be the one who makes a difference and can be proud of themselves. Stop living the detention life and live your life. Any day it can be taken away from you. So go out and make the best of it in a positive way. Anybody is capable of doing so, you just gotta try. So what if you fail at it? It just comes to show it’s time to get back up and try again. Find a way to be happy with your life before it’s just taken away like a flash of lightning. Sometimes you gotta learn that it’s better to just walk away. Why risk it? I personally wish I could go back and change it all, but I can’t. It stays the way it is and can’t be undone, so why make choices you’ll regret later in life? Why not make a choice you can be proud of? Other people will be proud of you for it, too. It’s not too late now. Make that change, make that difference. You never know what lies ahead if you just take that next step.                                                                                                      -M. W.