Guess Who I Am

I’m this guy from the tribe you call Lummi. Forget those cagey road clowns, I don’t mess with you guys anymore. I ain’t ever gonna roll with those guys ever again. They’re nothing but snitches and because of them I’m looking at some time in JRA.   When I get back I ain’t gonna play those games they’re playing.  I’m gonna end this game they got going on. I’m sick and tired of hearing my family going down from those same snitches. I watched my dad and my bro go to jail, and nine days later I come up on the same charge. I’m about to be a father here soon and I want to be out for my kid’s birth. It’s too much to think about when you’re locked up and it’s too hard to explain how much I miss my girl. I told her I’m done getting locked up, I need to change for my kid when I get out.

I’m gonna change for my girl when I get out because we’re gonna have our own family. I need to change and step up and be a father to my kid because I don’t want my kid growing up without a dad. I miss her a lot and it’s really hard on me up here. But when I go to JRA it’s gonna be like ten times harder. I’m gonna be far away from everyone I love, and I know I’m not gonna get any visits down there…