Juvie is no place to be

It can make you lose your sanity

I already lost a lil’ sanity in me

It’s hard to replace

Being in this place makes me feel like a disgrace

I say screw the human race

Their lockin’ kids away

I’m not down with that, okay

This is not the way

Not the way it should be

They’re taking kids from their families

And they expect us to change our ways

Locking us in a cell alone for so many days

It don’t work

It just pisses us off

When we get out we’ll be far from soft

We’ll keep doin’ what we were doin’ and worse

The result their looking for goes reverse

The government needs to understand

All they’re doing is making us rebellious, man

Something really has to change

But there’s definitely no hope that it will change today

So for now I guess I’m gonna need to change my ways

Can’t wait till I get out, 17 more days

One last thing…do you agree with what I say?