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Rather Joy was her Name…

As in joyful, cheerful, and spiteful as can be. Rather never letting her guard down, in the upside down part of town. Till one elimination turned to isolation of an indication.

There was once trust, faith, reliability, constant love, and even passion in a girl, deep down in her heart. Then a significant incident happened, in a split second all of that was gone. In that split second, realization came to her. Realization which showed there was nobody to trust, have faith in, rely on, have constant love in, and even have passion in, except in herself. This dignified who she was going to be and what she was going to do.

            It’s a cold world out there…

But that’s why I have a shield, a shield to protect me from this ruthless, heart stopping, unpredictable, untrustworthy, and heartless cold world, the world of unknown darkness.     

            ~Don’t let the irrelevant things in life get to you, only you’re worth your time. ~

-J. B.